Romancing SaGa Original Sound Version


Review by · March 23, 2001

Ito’s second solo project with Square (his first being the Seiken Densetsu OST) features some great synthesized music. This soundtrack features music and sound samples that will set the tone for the next two Romancing SaGas, so it is almost a historic soundtrack in itself.

For early Super Famicom, I believe Ito sucked dry the technology of his day in this soundtrack. There are some “ooh ahh” vocals in certain songs, lots of echo-effects are put into place, and what drum beats are used throughout the CD don’t sound as “obviously synth” as other Square soundtracks of the time (FF5 OST). Speaking of FF, we can again notice that Ito used Uematsu’s classic “Heartful Tears” from the original SaGa (FF Legend 1) as a theme in the game.

As for packaging, Romancing SaGa features some great artwork…and the first print (if you can find it) also comes with a very nice sticker. The tracklist was listed in English, which I am always personally fond of when reviewing these soundtracks. All in all, this soundtrack is a fine purchase indeed. Look for the most recent reprint to get ahold of it.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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