Rudra no Hihou original sound version


Review by · August 6, 2000

After a first listen, I didn’t like it much. After a second listen, it seemed alright. Third listen, I was hooked. Rudra’s Treasure (Rudora no Hihou) grew on me.

Though I am usually pretty bad at this, I was able to pick out the strengths and weaknesses of this OSV very easily. A strength is the music composition…Melody lines and drumbeats, that kinda stuff. An arranged version to this soundtrack would’ve killed…Which brings us to the weakness. It comes down to sound programming…either the instrumental sounds chosen or just the lower quality due to lack of high technology at the time; one of the two or both combined make a flaw in this OSV.

Rudra’s Treasure had a cult-like following in Asia, as games like Chrono Trigger had cult-like following in America. It’s difficult to find a copy of this soundtrack nowadays, but if you ever do find it available, do yourself a favor and get this obscure Squaresoft soundtrack into your collection.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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