Sakura Taisen 3 ~Is Paris Burning?~ Music Collection Paris Music Hall


Review by · January 31, 2006

Sakura Taisen 3 Music Collection Paris Music Hall is the soundtrack to the third major installment of the Japanese anime, mecha RPG Sakura Taisen series from Sega/Overworks. Sakura Taisen 3 ~Is Paris Burning?~ is composed by the Japanese music composer Kouhei Tanaka (composer of the Alundra Original Soundtrack). Ever since playing Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni (In Hot Blood), and also from watching the numerous anime series of Sakura Taisen (for which he also composes the music), I have looked forward to the next soundtrack he works on.

Like the other soundtracks to Sakura Taisen, the soundtrack is made up of movie, event, combat and theme songs, and also now includes Minigame Tracks too. The main theme ‘Under the Imperial Flag’ is the theme song to Sakura Taisen 3. I first heard it when I started playing the game and I was unsure of it but as I got onto playing Sakura Taisen 3, it quickly became one of my favorites. When I first heard it the initial question was, “Does ‘Under the Imperial Flag’ stand up the main theme song, ‘Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group’, which we have heard in Sakura Taisen 1 and 2?”

In my opinion yes, it is perfect song for Sakura Taisen 3 especially since we don’t follow in footsteps of Sakura and company in Sakura Taisen 3. A shorter version of ‘Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group’ also appears on Disc 2.

I always enjoy listening to battle themes, not only with the Sakura Taisen series but also with other video game series like Final Fantasy whose battle themes are very impressive to the ear. With Sakura Taisen 3’s battle theme, I do like it but to me it does not have the element that other Sakura Taisen battle themes have. The boss theme (again called ‘Under The Imperial Flag’) was impressive, I like the song, and I like remixes of songs like this.

In Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni’s soundtrack, the main themes of characters like Sakura, Sumire, Iris and Ayame were played with the vocals. In Sakura Taisen 3 Music Collection Paris Music Hall, it is the other way round. This time we hear only the character themes without vocals (the vocal versions are on another Sakura Taisen soundtrack, Sakura Taisen 3 Vocal Collection). The main themes I quickly caught onto was the theme of Erica Fontaine, ‘Prayer’ on Disc 1, Track 07, and the theme of my favorite female character Lobelia Carlini ‘192455631’on Disc 1 as well.

My favorite tracks on disc one are Under the Imperial Flag (Opening 1), Prayer, Paris Floral Assault Group Debut!, Under the Imperial Flag and 192455631. As for Disc 2, Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group III (Opening 2), Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group III, Revival of the Great Oak Tree (Movie), Sacred Precincts, and 192455631 (Minigame Version). All of these songs have been sampled, so feel free to enjoy my favorite tunes!

Like Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio Ni (In Hot Blood), this is another impressive Sakura Taisen soundtrack to add to your collection of Sakura Taisen soundtracks. The only flaw being is that the vocals of the characters are not on the soundtrack. But apart from that, I have enjoyed reviewing Sakura Taisen 3 Music Collection Paris Music Hall and I will always enjoying listening to this soundtrack again and again.

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