SCC Memorial Series Snatcher -Joint Disk-


Review by · May 31, 2008

You want a real Snatcher OST? Nothing but the original, unfiltered, unadulterated audio to your favorite cyberpunk adventure? You’ve finally found it, in this crazy three disc set: the “SCC Memorial Series Snatcher Joint Disk.”

Now, the big differences between “Snatcher” and “SD Snatcher” are as follows: SD Snatcher has super-deformed character designs, and regular Snatcher has regular character designs. Also, SD Snatcher has more songs, with slight variations on the original melodies as well. In other words, you’ll be getting a lot of repeat listenings across these three discs. Just look at the tracklist, that should help give you an idea.

What can I say about this music? It’s good. For its time, it’s really good. Self-proclaimed expert I may be, but I still cannot come out and say “it’s the best” or even “it’s nearly the best.” I’ve listened to a lot of VGM, particularly for games that fall under the RPG umbrella, but I haven’t heard all of it. For example, it was only recently that I was introduced to Snatcher, a game that is now 20 years old. Before then, I would have ranked most first-party Nintendo soundtracks as among the best of the late ’80s and early ’90s synth. But this really blows it all out of the water for me. Considering its time period, this music is excellent. The compositions are great, and the synths work extremely well. When you hear it, you’ll know it’s Konami. The Kukeiha Club has a distinct sound, to be sure.

Really simple, beautiful, old music awaits the lucky purchaser of this album. If you’re ready for a blast from your cyberpunk past, it’s time to hunt down this three disc collection. If you see it being sold used at any shop, I would recommend you snatch it up before someone else gets it! Yeah, that was a lame joke…

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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