Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Original Soundtrack


Review by · May 2, 2003

Consider that the Megami Tensei (Goddess Reincarnation) series has not caught on for US players, publishers or audiences. Not much of an introduction between the game and its music in this review. To sum up, the battle music style differs from other Japanese RPG soundtracks you have listened before, whether it be good or bad. Most battle tracks play metal rock style with atonal vocals, kinda like “Other World” in Final Fantasy X. In my opinion, I prefer the arrangement of battle tracks of SMT3 more than “Other World”; they’re not just sounding noisy. Rather, each tracks gives you a few seconds of breathing time, except for “Boss Battle”. However, “Boss Battle” is not as fast so it doesn’t matter. The only regret is the duration of Boss Battle is quite shorter than other battle tracks. If you ignore this little pity, all of the battle tracks are listenable.

Other than battle tracks, it seems that no other tracks can be the trademark of this OST. Most of them, such as the character themes and map music are normal J-pop and J-rock style. I would say that they continue the style of Persona (the RPG sub-series of Megami Tensei from the same company and development team), so if you love Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, you should be impressed by this OST. If you’re just a VGM/RPG OST collector, this OST is still recommended. Some Japanese CD importers, like, have it on sale, and it seems Game Music Online or Otaku will also import it later. Finally, after you bought this OST, don’t forget to insert any SMT3 OST CD into your computer then click here to download 3 wallpapers and 2 OST unreleased tracks: Amara Shrine (final stage) and Shinjuku Hygiene Hospital (after conception), composed by Shoji Meguro.

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