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Review by · August 20, 2001

Sorcerian…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…Seriously though, if you’re looking for pure, unadulterated Falcom music, and you’ve had your fill of Ys, this is the place to come. Sorcerian has some of the best melodies, is high energy, and a lot of fun to listen to. If all of this is true, then why does Sorcerian Forever feel lacking? I suppose you could blame it on the synth, although the quality isn’t nearly as bad as that of the Legend of Heroes III JDK Specials. This music was made to be played by a rocking band, or a grand orchestra, anything less does it injustice.

Sorcerian Forever I is the first of two albums that takes the music from the original PC game and arranges it in the same vein as the Ys Renewal albums (i.e. very close to the original compositions, but with more futuristic sounding synth). But, for some reason, a lot of this music sounds more like Legacy of the Wizard (one of Falcom’s more obscure, but one of their best) than any of the company’s other games. Maybe it’s because they were both developed around the same time. However, there are some definite similarities to Ys as well.

The best part of this album is that most of the music is fast paced, high energy, and a blast to listen to. With only a few slower tracks, most of which are in the beginning, it keeps the blood pumping the whole way through. So, if this is some of the best Falcom has to offer, how come I can’t get into the music as much as I would any other album? The main problem I had was the the combination of both synth quality and lack of musical variety. The samples are pleasant enough, but they have the same sound to them throughout the entire album; there’s nothing wrong with keeping the same tone and feel present in all the pieces, it’s just that many of them sound TOO much alike. The same samples are used for mostly every track, and at least three pieces have almost identical base melodies. Even if an album is limited by the samples that are available, it’s a good idea to make each song sound different enough melody-wise to keep the listener interested. Someone who’s unfamiliar with Falcom’s music may find himself getting bored with the monotony towards the end of the CD.

In the end, great melodies hindered by stale and unchanging synth regrettably make Sorcerian Forever I a second-tier album. If you’re a hardcore Falcom fan, you’ll probably enjoy this album, just don’t buy it with high expectations. For everyone else, try Sorcerian Forever II (which I found to be a lot more interesting), or perhaps Ys first before easing your way into this CD. Sorcerian Forever I is still available at Game Music Online for about $27.

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