Star Ocean: The Second Story Original Soundtrack


Review by · September 23, 2000

Hands-down the best soundtrack I know of that was released in 1998 from Japan.

I had heard Sakuraba’s work before this CD (namely, Shining Force) and I wasn’t all that impressed. This soundtrack, however, blew me away. I definitely like the 2nd disc more than the first disc, there are a lot more memorable tunes from the end of the game (the first disc’s music really does feel like ‘Background Music’ – style BGM). Also, “We Form in Crystals” may possibly be the best synth music I’ve ever heard…ever…

I think this OST is an easy buy for anyone, because it is so insanely-well-composed. So BUY IT! Except…it’s pretty hard to find since First Smile prints have become obsolete.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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