Super Robot Taisen Vocal Collection 2


Review by · April 17, 2007

The second SRT vocal collection is much like the first: more classic mecha anime theme songs, more Ichiro Mizuki, more ’70s (and now ’80s!) goodness. But, there are some lovely additions on this disc.
You should first notice that this album has two discs. The second disc, of course, is nothing more than the karaoke versions of the disc-one counterparts to sing along to (background vocals are still in, just the lead vocal is out). I had mentioned in my review of the first vocal collection, “Robonation,” that the instrumental work on these songs are top-notch, but the vocals can be a turn-off. Thus, we’re lucky to have a karaoke disc this time around, for those people who simply cannot stand the nerd-opera styles of Mizuki-san and company.
Next, I’d like to note the presence of one of the best songs ever written, “Anime Ja Nai” (or, “It’s Not Anime”), one of the early Gundam theme songs. It’s crazy awesome: silly, yet awesome.
Finally, I’d say that in general, this collection is better than the first in that it is more diverse in terms of musical style and, dare I say it, quality of music performance. It’s an all-around more enjoyable album.
But again, an album like this is the poster child for niche appeal. If you weren’t already interested in these songs, I doubt a chance encounter with an album like this will have you saving up money for a copy of it. But, for what it’s worth, I really enjoyed this album, more than I thought I would.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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