Suteki da ne – featured in Final Fantasy X


Review by · October 25, 2001

This fine little single from singer RIKKI features the theme song from Final Fantasy X, a vocal version of Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII, as well as some more fun stuff.

In my review of the Final Fantasy X OST, I mentioned that the single’s “Suteki da ne” features different violin solo work. Well, I found out that the people I heard this from were right. And the solo work on this version is indeed much better, so I’d say that this is a clear pro for purchasing this single.

The second track has nothing to do with any FF game, it’s just a track that RIKKI recorded for one of her albums. Don’t brush it off though; this song is probably my favorite track on the single. The song contains only a piano and RIKKI on vocals…but it’s great. Check out the sample to this one, I think you’ll like it!

Pure Heart isn’t all that high quality a track. It’s style sounds very different from the original theme…but hey, it’s an FF7 track vocalized, who can complain? Check out the sample here to decide whether or not this track is for you. Personally, I don’t like it very much.

And, the last track is just a karaoke version of the first track. Overall, this single isn’t the greatest thing in the world… but if you can get it for $10, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you’re just a big fan of collecting soundtracks or you just really like RIKKI’s vocal style, there are plenty of reasons to buy this little single. It can be found at most of the usual online stores.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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