Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest V ~Bride of the Heavens~ (1992)


Review by · December 21, 2000

Dragon Quest: The series that never fails to please the classical music enthusiast. The style to this Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite is standard to the series: Amazing symphonic music on disc 1, “Original Sound Story” music on disc 2. Dragon Quest V’s OSS disc leaves the music as one track…Filled with all kinds of extremely annoying bleeps and blips to ruin the original synth, which would sound fine without those HORRIBLE ear-grating sound effects (classic though they may be, I didn’t want them).

One of my favorite tracks on the symphonic disc is track 6…It begans with this enchanting flutter of trills and background, then a main melody kicks in on some sort of woodwind instrument…A flute, a clarinet, an oboe, I’m not sure. Either way, it sounds great. From here, the song fades into another dark song, but is still fun and jumpy at points. It goes through another theme, and back to the first theme. This is your typical “medley” track from Sugiyama, one that almost always works out well: Definitely the ideal Dragon Quest track. And all of the other tracks manage to come together nicely, even when they are only of one theme.

This soundtrack is somewhat rare in its first print. Expect a price of about $30 on the reprint, and, if you can find it, just a bit higher for the original.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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