Tales of Legendia ~voice of character quest~ 2


Review by · September 1, 2009

The Tales of Legendia OST was rather incomplete at the time of its release. Masaru “Go” Shiina had written plenty of music for the game that just wasn’t thought worthy to be put on the OST.

Fortunately, on the second of two drama CD releases (the “voice of character quest” series), someone at Avex saw fit to put those previously-unreleased tracks on as a separate bonus disc. Otherwise, there would be no reason for me to review a *hack cough wheeze* drama CD.

With 41 tracks in sum, and about one third of those being little 30-second jingles, the bonus disc doesn’t have a lot in terms of quantity. But there are some great tracks on here that certainly should not have been left off the OST. Go Shiina has a knack for blending sweeping strings, be it a solo violin or a full string orchestra, with fantastic synth drum and bass loops. The same things I loved on the OST, I still love on this disc. There’s just slightly less of it here.

This is definitely an album for fans of the OST to pick up, if only because it’s the missing piece to a full set of music. You also get a DVD with some video content out of the deal, and (if you know Japanese) you can listen to the 11 track drama CD as well.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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