The complete soundtrack from the Secret of Evermore video game


Review by · July 13, 2009

“Secret of Evermore became known as the only US-made RPG released by Square and not much more than that. Sure, this game didn’t turn many heads, but I feel the music had its own unique flair. This CD contains 8 excellent orchestrated tracks as well as 21 tracks of game music. Even though the music is of the 16-bit era, it has lots of excellent tracks that are very pleasant to listen to. The only drawback to this game’s soundtrack is that a few songs seem redundant in style. Also, some music in the game is just plain bad, but fortunately, those pieces were intelligently left off this CD to make it an all-around well-balanced music soundtrack. If you don’t have this CD yet, good luck finding it. I got my copy by special ordering it directly from Square soon after I purchased the game. As far as I know, it isn’t available from them anymore.

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Stahn Mahn

Stahn Mahn

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