The Legend of Xanadu II: Heroines’ Birthdays


Review by · August 6, 2000

It’s Drama…But it’s rare Drama!

This CD here is another of many hard-to-find collectible Falcom CDs out there. I picked it up awhile back on an eBay auction (probably the only place you’ll find it now) and to tell you the truth, it isn’t all that bad. Though I had NO idea what they were saying, you could get an idea of what was going on with sound effects and such.

Like all Falcom Drama CDs, there is a vocal track at the end. And it’s a pretty good one too! Overall, this CD is worth buying if you a) know Japanese, b) are a huge Falcom fan, or c) can find it for a very low price.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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