Thousand Arms Soundtrack & Multimedia CD


Review by · August 9, 2002

As an extra incentive to buy Thousand Arms, Atlus enclosed a special CD offer with the game. More than just a music CD, the disc also came with Thousand Arms-themed software for your PC.

The Thousand Arms Soundtrack and Multimedia CD has total of 40 tracks. The CD does not contain a complete soundtrack, as not every song from Thousand Arms is present on the disc, but a lot of the game’s great music is there. Most tracks are only between 30 and 60 seconds long; just enough time to play the entire song once. The music on the CD isn’t exactly the same as the music heard while playing the game; some songs were re-arranged and given small enhancements for the CD.

The music from Thousand Arms begins with the opening and ending songs “Depend on You” and “Two of Us”, both of which are sung by acclaimed Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki. I must say that the thing that initially drew me to Thousand Arms was hearing “Depend on You” on the Thousand Arms Demo Disc. The music in Thousand Arms is very fitting to the scenery and gameplay. The CD includes some of the dark and mysterious music from places like dungeons and caves as well as the relaxing music from the towns. There is also a great deal of peppy, upbeat, and even silly music for battles and fun events. Songs like these fit very well into Thousand Arms, as I consider it one of the most hilarious games I’ve ever played.

Also included on the CD are some things for your PC. The first is a desktop theme, which includes weapon shaped mouse pointers, voice samples from Thousand Arms for sound effects, Thousand Arms artwork for icons, wallpaper and screen savers, and pastel colors for windows. Next, there is a cast screen, with images, descriptions, theme songs, and voice samples of most of the major characters from Thousand Arms. There is also a screen with links to many great gaming web sites like The GIA,, PlayStation Interactive, and of course, RPGFan! Finally, the software has about 100 .wav files containing out takes from the voice recording sessions. Included in these out takes is a special MP3 called the “Kyleen Mix”, which has many of Kyleen’s famous lines combined with a quirky piece of music. The “Kyleen Mix” is very funny and quite entertaining.

The Thousand Arms Soundtrack and Multimedia CD can be acquired for a mere $2 shipping charge along with the purchase of the game. If you buy Thousand Arms, by all means, send away for this CD. It’s dirt cheap and very enjoyable.

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