Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You Original Game Soundtrack


Review by · November 9, 2001

This was the first Tokimeki soundtrack I ever owned, I bought it on a whim after hearing from people that the music was good stuff. I expected nothing less than that from Konami, of course. On a first listen, I said to myself “there’s nothing special about this”. And if you only listen to it once, you’ll likely come away with the same impression (unless you’ve actually played the game for many hours). However, if you accept the fact that there are “filler” tracks on here and focus on what is good, this soundtrack will seem like one of your favorite light-hearted albums in your own personal collection (as would most any Tokimeki CD).

Though many of the tracks go through different musical genres (jazz, rock, slow/sad ballad), the synth sounds and instruments chosen leave every track with the same style/feel. This feeling is found on many soundtracks like this game, but none compare to the apparentness of it in this soundtrack (even in comparison to other Tokimeki CDs). For example, listen to any two tracks sampled below. They were different genres, correct? But didn’t they have the same feel? Yes, I believe that as well. The whole soundtrack is like this, and it can become repetitive. However, the musicality found in this OGS is pretty good for a light, poppy little soundtrack.

I recommend this CD to any Tokimeki fan or anyone looking for something new (if you’re only accustomed to, say, Uematsu’s work in Final Fantasy). I’m not quite sure where you can purchase this soundtrack, however, since it is pretty old. I would try CD Japan or search on eBay.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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