Very Best of The Legend of Heroes III


Review by · August 27, 2000

Through the use of comparisons, I have discovered that The Legend of Heroes III music must be good. Now, let’s say that Falcom only made two “Very Best of” CDs (which they did). One of them is “Very Best of Ys”, covering Ys I and II, which had all kinds of kickin’ music. The other CD, “Very Best of Legend of Heroes III” is music from just one game (thought it had a remake…But that remake OST was released after this CD) so obviously Falcom wanted to pay attention to it. And they did: 2 JDK Specials, plenty of Drama CDs, major focus on the LoH Piano Collection and some Special Boxes, and now this CD to sum it all up…this basically means that there is definitely something going on with LoH 3 music.

In my opinion, the choices of what to put on this CD were well-made, keeping things diverse in the same way that Very Best of Ys was diverse. I especially enjoy the first track and last track (which is the same song, different arrangement) over the others, but the whole CD is great.

If you like Falcom, and you liked Very Best of Ys, and you like variety, you’ll like “Very Best of The Legend of Heroes III.”

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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