Ys IV JDK Special


Review by · February 3, 2001

Ys IV JDK Special is about the closest thing you can get to an Ys IV OST (there never was a “Music From Ys IV”). The sound quality is the same type of synth you’d hear in Music From Ys (or Ys II) Renewal, the difference being the way the synths are used in the two different CDs. This CD is MUCH better than the Ys Renewal CDs.

Based on the two types of Ys IV arrangements I’ve heard to this point (this CD and the JDK Band 4 music), I was surprised to find that I enjoy many of the arrangements to a song more on here than on that CD, which is arranged by Kishimoto. The best part about this CD is that because it is synth, it was easier for the musicians to place in fast, steady beats, which are what spice up these songs for the most part.

Ys IV JDK Special is somewhat rare, because not only is it impossible to find at online stores, but it is rarely on eBay. Purchasing this will likely run you anywhere between $30-$50, if you can find it. Check out the samples, make your decision, and if your decision is to buy this CD, keep an eye out on eBay!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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