Ys & Ys II Eternal Original Soundtrack


Review by · April 11, 2002

While the Ys Renewal CDs offered just minor facelifts, the Ys Eternal remakes are majorly reworked versions, and drastic changes are immediately noticeable. For the overall sound, the synth used here seems softer and more refined than the hard edged sounds in previous versions.

These melodies played a major role in enhancing the immersion level into the adventure/RPG game, and have deservedly earned thier rank in game music history through all the dozens of arranged albums that pay hommage to these strong & memorable melodies from Ys and Ys II.

Since there are so many styles and versions of these songs presented on many arranged albums, it’s hard to make comparisons of which versions are the best, so I’ll focus on the story and emotion presented by the tunes.

Feena and Fountain of Love are beautiful and relaxing, while Tears of Slyph yearns with the desperation of a tragic lovelorn soul. First Step Towards Wars and Palace give rising tension while storming onto the castle grounds, only to meet the formidable strength rocked out by Holders of Power and Palace of Destruction.

Beat of the Terror plunges us into the darkness, and courage must be found in Tower of the Shadow of Death to forge onward. Last Moment of the Dark introduces us to the evil boss, and he wastes no time in charging up everything he’s got to unleash the devastating thrashes of the Final Battle.

Rest in Peace gives a little time to wind down and relax, but soon we are ready to dash off energentically into the next adventure with the Morning Grow and See You Again!! Lilia and Too Full with Love remind us of happiness with those we love, where the future is bright with hopes of prosperity, and the merchant town thrives in How May I Help You.

But trouble isn’t far from the horizon, where the Ruins of Moondoria lie and the enemy lurks in the Cavern of Rasteenie. Defensive justice is battled out by the Protectors, and the resulting chase leads to the mysterious Ice Ridge of Noltia. Challenges rise up crossing over the Moat of Burnedbless and we find ourselves near the Palace of Solmon once again…

Exploring the Subterranean Canal, foes launch strong attacks from all sides in Companile of Lane and Don’t Go So Smoothly! The fierce battle rages on to the showdowns in Termination and Overdrive, but Feena must be rescued at all costs!!

Weary but successfull, the Fair Wind guides the survivors home and A Still Time is found once again. Peace returns, and hope comes alive in Stay with Me Forever.

This album is part of the Falcom Millenium Series 3, and is available to order from Falcom directly. See www.falcom.co.jp for details!

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