Zill O’ll -infinite- Original Soundtrack & Drama


Review by · April 18, 2008

Koei is well-known for their strategy RPGs with traditional historical settings, and for taking these games and making them part of a long-running series. Zill O’ll breaks tradition by being a stand-alone title. Everything about this game is different from the usual Koei, especially the artwork and the music. Let’s talk about that music.

Now, Zill O’ll “infinite” is a PS2 remake of the PS1 classic. The PS2 music is completely upgraded, and frankly, it sounds beautiful. The sound programming and synth manipulation on this soundtrack are really incredible. Some of the composition is good, too. Not memorable, not striking one’s conscience as if to say “wow, this is some great music!” But a couple of the tracks are satisfying to listen to, even with no prior experience playing the game itself.

The songs do not loop, which is a shame, because some of the best melodies on the album only run for a mere minute. This is especially the case on the second disc. More time is allotted to the “big” themes on disc one…not to mention the 20 minutes of drama.

Though technically inferior, I really did enjoy the PS1 bonus tracks. These ten songs are the foundation for the whole OST, and they are very well-constructed songs.

Sometimes I am really taken aback by the beauty I find in obscure albums, about which seemingly no one cares. This is one of those albums. You may want to consider purchasing it, if only because of its “diamond in the rough” status.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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