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Random Encounter 215 – Cute Fire Bunnies and Sexy Bunny Boys?

Displays a horse and a chocobo from Final Fantasy in a corral, there is a windmill in the background, pumpkins in the foreground, and the main male character from New Pokemon Snap rides by in his NEO-ONE hoverpod vehicle.

On this episode of Random Encounter, we gathered the crew to talk about takin’ sweet pics of our favourite Pokémon! That’s right, New Pokémon Snap is all kinds of delightful and RPG-adjacent, which means Niki got to review and talk about it. Also, because Pokémon, we welcome a semi-regular special guest to share her enthusiasm for the game! And just as quickly as one guest leaves, another spontaneously appears, because you can’t have a chat about Final Fantasy XIV and the recent Fan Festival without getting Caitlin involved. Alana and Caitlin regale us with tales of what to expect from the Endwalker expansion and our life with bunnies of all types! So, hop in and listen!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Alana Hagues, Niki Fakhoori, with Special Guests Caitlin Argyros and Gwen; Edited by Jono Logan

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Greg Delmage

Greg Delmage

As a fan of the RPG oeuvre, it seemed only natural that Greg Delmage should join RPGFan on the Random Encounter podcast (and sometimes reviewer)! When not auditioning or doing what he can at RPGFan, Greg enjoys adventuring with his swell partner Annette, helping raise their daughter, and playing many a board and video game! Want to chat all things Nintendo, Final Fantasy or Harvest Moon? Greg is always down.

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