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Death end re;Quest 2 Coming to Switch in 2022

Rottie running away from a monster in Death end re;Quest 2.

Death end re;Quest 2 and its DLC are hitting the Switch in 2022, Idea Factory announced during its Online Summer Festival. Our brilliant Des Miller raved about the Playstation 4 version’s writing, characters, and soundtrack, so definitely keep your eyes on this port as we learn more. Check out the announcement trailer below!

Death end re;Quest 2 follows murderess-turned-schoolgirl Mai Toyama. After brutally killing her abusive father, she moves to an eerie mining down for a fresh start. Once there, she enrolls in an all-girls academy — the same academy her sister attended until she mysteriously disappeared. By day, Mai searches for her sister and mingles with other students through the game’s visual novel. By night, she battles nightmarish creatures that haunt the town through the game’s strategy RPG segments.

The Death end re;Quest series is renowned for stellar writing and top-notch voice acting that brings its spooky narratives to life. Des found that this entry met the mark in these regards and left him palpably anxious about his favorite characters’ fates. The battle system also impressed him as a more streamlined, evolved version of the first game’s.

Though I’m not the biggest fan of the first game’s combat system, its compelling narrative blew me away. The promise of more of the series’ storied writing, but with better refined combat, is certainly enticing. We’ll have to see how this port shapes up. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more!

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