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Chrono Trigger Receives Update to Version 1.5 on Mobile and Steam

Chrono Trigger screenshot of a courtroom with a massive, elaborate stained glass and curtain backdrop.

The Steam and mobile versions of Chrono Trigger received an update that adds support for 21:9 widescreen, an auto battle mode with 1.5x speed increase, and more.

Also included in the update is music and art galleries for the mobile versions as well. Despite being ports of one of the most beloved games of all time, these ports were given a rather lukewarm reception, so it’s great to see Square Enix continue to support the game on these platforms.

At this time of writing, the game is 50% off on both Steam and mobile until March 24th, so if you haven’t pulled the metaphorical trigger yet, these are very good prices for what many consider to be one of the best RPGs ever made. If you’re still unsure, we here at RPGFan have a few reviews of the game you can check out over on our Chrono Trigger game page (and on this page for the Steam/mobile version)!

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Zack Hubbard

Zack Hubbard

Zack is known in his friend group as, "The guy who plays weird games no one knows about." He loves all kinds of RPGs, listening to soundtracks, and pretending that he can fluently speak and read Japanese, as well as play the piano or sing.

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