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There’s a Lengthy New Scarlet Nexus Demo, Plus Juicy Scenario and Design Tidbits, Patch 1.08 Notes

Scarlet Nexus screenshot of a young woman and a young man, surrounded by red strands, falling into a red void.

So Bandai Namco just dropped a stack of Scarlet Nexus news. Let’s start with this video, which goes over the new content in Patch 1.08 and teases a new Story Demo (out now on PlayStation Network, Xbox, and Steam).

We finally get to see the free Tales of Arise x Scarlet Nexus collaboration DLC in action. Yuito can wield Alphen’s Blazing Sword, wear his trademark Broken Iron Mask, and carry an Owlet Doll. Bandai Namco also introduced a Very Easy difficulty “for story lovers & beginners.”

The Story Demo (which goes all the way up to Phase 2 for each protagonist) allows for data migration to the main game, so you don’t need to start over! Here’s all the perks you get for finishing it.

• Two Attachments
• Bunny Ear Mask (Head) [White]
• OSF Standard Issue Pack [Black]
• Two Plug-ins
• Forcefield: Mk II
• Power Enhance: Mk II

* The above plug-in attachments are also available in the full version as players progress through the game. Players who have already retrieved these items in the “Demo Edition” of SCARLET NEXUS cannot receive these bonuses.

Both Scarlet Nexus‘ Writer and Monster Creator Share Insight Into Their Craft

To coincide with the story demo’s release, Bandai Namco have shared articles centered around two key people behind Scarlet Nexus. First, here’s an interview with scenario writer Takumi Miyajima. She goes over how she conceptualized the world, characters, and themes, and draws a contrast between this game and the Tales series. In case you didn’t know, she’s the writer behind Tales of Arise, Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of Symphonia, which is quite the resume.

Second, Masakazu Yamashiro guides us through the design process behind the Others, the grotesquely beautiful creatures we fight throughout the game. These are certainly novel designs for monsters, and his write-up shows a lot of thought was put into making these things visually striking yet readable during combat.

Scarlet Nexus has been out for a while, and it’s been a roaring success for the development team, so I’m not surprised it continues to get support. We believe it’s a great game, and, while I haven’t played the whole thing yet, I feel the music played a huge part in helping it stand out. Bandai Namco uploaded a “beats to relax and study to” compilation that seems to have gone somewhat unnoticed, which is a shame because the soundtrack is such a bop. Listen to “Seiran – The Blue Reflection” and tell me it didn’t worm its way into your brain.

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