Tales of Symphonia


Tales of Symphonia is a landmark entry in the Tales of series, being the first fully-3D title, and first game in the series to be released worldwide. Praised for its then-innovative battle system and memorable characters, this fifth entry is often considered to have set the standard for future entries. Later ports have added new skills, cutscenes and costumes for series fans to enjoy.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Tales of Symphonia Lee Babin Nintendo GameCube
Tales of Symphonia Neal Chandran Nintendo GameCube
Tales of Symphonia Robert Bogdanowicz Nintendo GameCube

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
day after tomorrow – moon gate Dennis Rubinshteyn September 3, 2003
Tales of EDM Neal Chandran July 23, 2013
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann August 27, 2008
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks 2 Neal Chandran November 16, 2011
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann September 24, 2008
Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack Patrick Gann October 1, 2003
The Best of Tales Dennis Rubinshteyn July 4, 2007