Josh Louis

Former Features Writer

Josh Louis

Josh is a Features Writer for RPGFan. When he is not spinning some hot take on your favorite video games, you can find him partaking in various creative pursuits, learning new skills, or being surgically attached to his Nintendo Switch. Some of his latest projects include his first novel, The Fall of House Blackford, as well as his indie game dev project, tentatively titled Project Defenders. In between his professional and creative work, he likes to relax at home with his Australian cattle dog and unwind with his favorite games.

Favourite Games/Series

Fire Emblem, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid

Favourite Genres

JRPG, Adventure, Strategy, Metroidvania

Misc Interests

Learning, Reading, Writing, Video Production, Game Development, Web Design

Time at RPGFan

February 2021—January 2023