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The DioField Chronicle Has a Free Demo Out Now

The DioField Chronicle screenshot

The DioField Chronicle, that real-time strategy RPG Square Enix revealed alongside Valkyrie Elysium earlier this year, has a demo out ahead of its September 22nd release. The free slice spans all of Chapter 1. As usual, your progress carries over to the full game. You can download it on PlayStation Network, Xbox, the Switch eShop, and Steam.

There was an “Explanation Trailer” that dropped recently too, but it’s entirely in Japanese. Still, it’s here if you want to watch more footage of The DioField Chronicle.

Players across all platforms can now download a free demo of The DioField Chronicle. The demo sets the stage as DioField Island suddenly finds itself cast into an age of uncertainty due to the rise of warlike powers and modern magic. Players can experience the entirety of Chapter 1, which includes fast-paced action-packed combat utilizing small squads consisting of various unit types with unique battlefield roles in a sprawling campaign. Begin your military campaign now and play the opening chapter of the game, meet and strategize with the Blue Fox Mercenaries, and experience a Real Time Tactical Battle (RTTB) – a new, deeply strategic, real-time battle system.

The DioField Chronicle is further enhanced with a gritty and immersive storyline that is crafted by a skilled and experienced development team, featuring unique character designs by Taiki (Lord of Vermilion III, IV), concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo (FINAL FANTASY XIIFINAL FANTASY XIII) and beautifully orchestrated music by world-renowned composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, known best for their work on Game of Thrones.

By the way, preorders are still up on the Square Enix Store for physical standard and collector’s editions of The DioField Chronicle. The latter is only purchasable on the SE Store and comes with a “Collector’s Goods Box” containing the official board game and a “Four Pins Set.” Keep up with all things DioField by reading RPGFan!

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