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A New Armed Fantasia Teaser Trailer Has Dropped

Armed Fantasia screenshot

A new trailer for Armed Fantasia just released ahead of the August 29th double Kickstarter launch with Penny Blood. In the trailer, we get to see the three main characters in action and a brief battle in motion featuring the “Cross Order Tactics” combat system. Fans of the Wild ARMs series will surely get their flames reignited by the Armed Fantasia trailer. 

View the Kickstarter campaign trailer, called “To the Edge of the Wilderness,” below:

I’m filled with excitement to see JRPGs like Armed Fantasia bringing old series back to life. The music sounds incredible, the animations are fluid, and I can’t help but feel like I’m getting hit by a wave of nostalgia upon hearing the whistle tunes in the trailer. I’m very hopeful that projects such as this one on Kickstarter will be successful.

The double Kickstarter of Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood goes live on August 29th. Stay tuned for more information on both spiritual successor titles. To get you more hyped up, feel free to read our last announcement that thoroughly covers details for both titles and RPGFan’s official interview with the creators.

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Tin Manuel

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