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Rhythm Encounter 92 – Blast Processing: SEGA Genesis RPGs

Rhythm Encounter 092 Blast Processing SEGA Genesis RPGs

Last month, we celebrated the music of the SNES with The Road SNES Traveled (episode 89), and today we turn our ears to Nintendo’s then-competition, the SEGA Genesis! While SEGA’s 16-bit console didn’t have the sheer number of RPGs found on the SNES, there are plenty of gems to be found in the likes of Phantasy Star, Shining Force, and more. Come listen to some great music that Nintendidn’t have.

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Wes Iliff, Patrick Gann; Edited by Jono Logan

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0:03:51 – Thray (aka “Rune”) (Masaki Nakagaki) – Phantasy Star IV
0:05:22 – Ally 1 [Neo-Holy War] (Noriyuki Iwadare) – Langrisser II
0:21:42 – Wandering Warriors (Motoaki Takenouchi) – Shining Force II
0:25:58 – Battle Theme (Zable Fahr) – Pier Solar and the Great Architects
0:46:38 – Stone place (Yuzo Koshiro) – Beyond Oasis
0:50:48 – Erias (Hiro aka Hiroshi Kawaguchi) – Sword of Vermilion
1:14:12 – Mike’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Langrisser II Original Game Music

Phantasy Star 1st Series Complete Album (incl. PSI–IV)

Pier Solar and the Great Architects: The Definitive Original Soundtrack

Shining Force II

Vermilion vs Rent a Hero Original Soundtrack

Yuzo Koshiro BEST COLLECTION vol.1 (incl. Beyond Oasis)

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