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A PS5 Remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Coming (A Multiplayer Game Too)

Horizon Zero Dawn screenshot

Word on the street is that Horizon Zero Dawn will be getting a PlayStation 5 remaster that features new accessibility and graphics options as well as quality of life improvements. Insiders also say that it’ll be joined by a new multiplayer game, which tracks with a 2020 job listing by Guerrilla Games. This year’s Horizon Forbidden West ended up being entirely single-player, so we probably haven’t seen what game that ad was meant for.

Horizon Zero Dawn saw a Steam and Epic Games Store release two years ago that came with enhancements such as unlocked framerates and ultrawide support. I imagine that a hypothetical PS5 remaster needs only to build upon what they did for the PC port, but who knows what Sony has planned?

As for a release window, it makes sense that Sony might be looking to synergize with the Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series, but that show seems very early into production. In any case, you’ll want to stay tuned with us for more concrete information.

While you’re here, you should visit our reviews of Zero Dawn, the Frozen Wilds expansion, and Forbidden West. The soundtracks? You bet we covered both the first game and the second one. Lastly, you might have missed that we got a new trailer for the PSVR2-exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain in June.

Source: IGN

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