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The Third Forspoken Deep Dive Explores the Rich World of Athia

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Frey’s parkour and magical combat skills have been the subject of previous deep dive videos for Forspoken, but the latest footage of the game uncovers the mystical environment of Athia and its secrets. Discover a variety of fascinating detours, challenges, fierce creatures, and underground labyrinths.

Watch the third deep dive video down below:

Athia is the world where the main protagonist Frey gets transported. In the video, she can complete additional side missions by interacting with other points of interest displayed as marked locations on the map. There are also landmarks to free from the corrupted force of the “Break,” making her stronger.

Overview of Forspoken‘s Athia

  • Flashbacks – challenges, when completed, can earn Frey mana and other rewards. They can be done repeatedly until fully mastered
  • Founts of Blessing – awaken magical abilities and skills in these areas.
  • Spellcraft Challenges – upgrade Frey’s magic through these challenges that are found in ancient books across Athia
  • Old Coins – can be collected and exchanged for valuable items at trading spots
  • Locked Labyrinths – underground locations of Athia that are both dangerous and rewarding, these areas contain powerful pieces of equipment for Frey
  • The Shady Tree – Frey’s resting place where she can play with Partha, dice-like objects made from animal bones. Partha can bring good luck and give a temporary battle boost before heading out
  • Photo Spots – take photos of places in Athia and unlock more features of the Photo Mode
  • Tantas Familiars – feline magical creatures that roam around monuments but are quite challenging to befriend
  • Combat Challenges – include ferocious mutated beasts that will put Frey’s skills to the test

I’m already looking forward to going around, and I’m sure everyone else will also enjoy the exploration. The vast world of Athia will surely keep all of us occupied for a significant amount of time upon release.

You can pre-order Forspoken now before it releases on PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 on January 24th, 2023. Stay tuned to RPGFan and look forward to seeing more updates of Forspoken.

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