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Various Daylife Hits Android, iOS January 23rd

Concept art depicting the words Various Daylife set before a backdro of a sunlit city gate, with people transfixed while walking.

Square Enix has announced that Various Daylife, made by the developers behind the Bravely Default series, will be released on Android and iOS on January 23rd.

This news comes following the simulation RPG’s release on Apple Arcade in 2019 and Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC via Steam last year. It’s since been delisted from Apple Arcade, so it’s resurfacing on iOS as a purchasable item for the first time.

Various Daylife | Announcement Trailer:

In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, a new continent was discovered. Explore its every last corner as a settler of Antoecia, while living your life to the fullest in the city of Erebia.

Various Daylife – Key Features

The title’s Steam page outlines the following key features:

• Character growth through everyday workVarious Daylife features over 20 job classes and more than 100 types of work for those jobs to perform. Since you’ll be able to increase your strength through physical labor or improve your magic with more mentally taxing tasks, you can shape your character how you see fit depending on your choice of work.

• Overcome dungeons with skilled management – Choose what limited rations, items and camping gear you can pack in your bags as you leave the safety of the city to confront the unknown. You’ll battle monsters, bad weather, and food spoilage out on the various frontiers of Antoecia. When the going gets tough, will you press onward, or retreat to explore another day?
You’ll have to make these kinds of decisions as you trailblaze a way across the continent, where none have trod before.

• Innovative Battle System – The Three CHAs – Introducing a twist to the traditional job-and-ability, turn-based battle, with a unique system that relies heavily on working together with your allies. CHANGE your foes’ conditions, build up a CHAIN of attacks and seize your CHANCE at inflicting heavy damage!

Various Daylife is set to hit Android and iOS on January 23rd. If you’re interested in giving the title a go, make sure to read RPGFan’s review, written by Matt Warner, a read.

For all the latest on Square Enix, you’re already in the right place here at RPGFan.

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