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RPGs Coming This Week, 5/7/23

Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

So our lineup of RPGs coming this week is actually low-key interesting and full of variety. The list runs the gamut from a friendship-ending board game to a comic book-themed strategy title, so I’d be surprised if nothing here strikes your fancy even a little bit. Let’s be real though: the biggest release of the year is coming out this week, and it’s all anyone will talk about for the next month. There’s no running from it, so let’s face it head-on right now!

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect – May 9th (Switch)

Screenshot of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, one of several RPGs coming this week

Do you love RPGs? How about board games? And do you have too many friends? Well if so, you’re about to get everything you wanted with Dokapon Kingdom: Connect! The game functions like Monopoly by way of Dragon Quest, where your class-customizable avatar moves around a huge game world, saving cities to feed money into your coffers. There’s even a full story mode included, which can be played alone or with your friends.

But all that pales in comparison to how much Dokapon Kingdom Connect will let you grief your friends. Win a duel with them? Sure, you could draw ridiculous lines on their face, but you could also steal their shield and throw it away! There are so many options to mess up your opponents that players with a high pain tolerance will find a lot to love when this online-enabled remaster hits this week!

by Wes Iliff

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 – May 11th (PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, Switch, Windows)

Screenshot of Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2, one of several RPGs coming this week

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 picks up a year after the first game with the anthropomorphic animal children investigating the recovered Taranis tank. The tank malfunctions during their investigation and takes off with some of the children still inside. Now, the remaining children must pilot the dread tank Tarascus and hunt down the Taranis to save their friends.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel was defined by its tough choices and heart-wrenching moments, especially when considering whether to sacrifice the children to use the powerful Soul Cannon. Fuga 2 features a reworked Soul Cannon and battle system, new elements such as airship support, and plenty of branching paths and decision-making to keep players on their toes. Definitely worth a look for fans of the first title.

by Ben Love

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – May 12th (Switch)

Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of several RPGs coming this week

As someone with mixed feelings about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I have… mixed feelings about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. On the one hand, it feels like Nintendo heard what people like me didn’t like (tedious mechanics, empty environments, poor rewards) and threw us a bone in some shape or form. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing all the ways TotK builds on BotW.

On the other, I’ve just never been the biggest Zelda fan. Nothing in the previews I’ve seen has swayed me to hand $69.99 USD over to play it. I’m content to have the extent of my TotK experience limited to being my partner’s spectator. Bring on the 2023 Game of the Year.

by Gio Castillo

Also Coming This Week

Darkest Dungeon II (Exiting Early Access) – May 8th (Windows)

More than a year after entering early access, Darkest Dungeon II finally hits the big 1.0 on Monday. It’s quite a visual departure from the first game, but the grim tone of the original seems very much preserved. You can nab Darkest Dungeon II on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Weird West: Definitive Edition – May 8th (PS5, XSX)

We’re getting current-gen definitive editions of twin-stick shooter RPG Weird West on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Our own Bob Richardson has thoughts about the PC release that you may want to consult.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox – May 9th (PS5)

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is an enjoyable addition to Falcom’s action RPG series’ stellar lineup. I enjoyed my time playing the Nintendo Switch port of the title despite the occasional graphical hiccup, and Michael Sollosi enjoyed his time with the PlayStation 4 version. Here’s to hoping the next-gen specs of the PS5 port spruce up what is an already fun gaming experience!

by Audra Bowling

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – May 11th (PS4, XB1)

Playstation 4 and Xbox One editions of Marvel’s Midnight Suns release this week (unfortunately a Switch port has been canceled). Concurrent with these new ports, a fourth and last DLC titled Blood Storm also drops for all platforms. This DLC includes X-Men favorite Storm as a playable hero, unique abilities, new story missions, cosmetics, and an Abbey upgrade. Blood Storm along with the three previous DLCs can be purchased separately or bundled via the Season Pass or Legendary Edition.

by Jimmy Turner

And that’s all we’ve got! TotK will definitely have its hooks on many of us, but I wonder if there are folks still making their way through Advance Wars or the Xenoblade 3 DLC. Let us know how those titles have been going for you in the comments or on social media.

See you all next week, readers!

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Gio Castillo

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