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Exclusive Preview: Prescription for Sleep Volume III – Yeul’s Theme (FFXIII-2)

Prescription for Sleep Volume III Yeul's Theme

Last month, we brought you the exciting announcement of a new album coming from Scarlet Moon: Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume III. While this is the 13th album in the greater Prescription for Sleep series, it’s the first video game-focused one since 2021’s Prescription for Sleep: Stardew Valley.

Most of this new album falls under RPGFan’s coverage, and Scarlet Moon was kind enough to let us share an exclusive preview with you ahead of next week’s release. If you have ever heard me talk about the music in Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Rhythm Encounter (such as in episode 106 and episode 82), you know both the game and the excellent soundtrack by Masashi HamauzuNaoshi MizutaMitsuto Suzuki, and Yoshitaka Suzuki are very dear to me. Our preview today is one of Naoshi Mizuta’s compositions, the character theme for one of FFXIII-2‘s most mysterious and tragic characters.

Please give a listen to GENTLE LOVE’s smooth jazzy take on “Yeul’s Theme:”

There’s a lot to love about “Yeul’s Theme” in general, and one of the defining aspects in the original is the haunting vocals by Joelle. With GENTLE LOVE’s focus on instrumental jazz, those vocals aren’t present, so the song has a slightly different vibe, but it’s a distinctly chill take on a well-known song, and you won’t hear me complaining about the 8+ minute runtime.

But I’m not here to review this album – I’m just passing along a fun preview! We will certainly have more to say soon, so enjoy the preview for now, and look for Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume III on most digital outlets when it releases on May 19th.

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