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Charity Speedrun Event RPG Limit Break Starts May 19th

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RPG Limit Break is back in 2024! The annual RPG speedrun event will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, between May 19th and 25th. Donations received during the event will benefit long-time event partner the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Organizers are hoping to raise $110,000 USD in donations this year, bringing the event to a milestone of one million raised for NAMI since the first event in 2015.

RPG Limit Break features speedruns of games both retro and recent, performed by a diverse set of dedicated runners from the RPG speedrun community. Previous years have featured a great range of RPGs from East and West, with quirky and short runs standing in equal stead with the epic runs of longer titles, such as the nearly ten-hour Final Fantasy IX run (above) featuring Muttski, one of my personal favorite FF runners.

View the full schedule of this year’s featured games on the Run Index page. There are some amazing runs to look forward to this year, with standouts like a Suikoden II 108 Stars co-op run, a The 7th Saga Any%, and an Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Any%. For those looking for runs of more recent games, RPG Limit Break will also feature an Any% glitchless run of Chained Echoes and an “All Acts” run of Baldur’s Gate III.

You can catch all the runs live via the RPG Limit Break YouTube channel or their Twitch channel. There will also be VODs available after the show if you don’t get a chance to watch live, or you just want to revisit your favourite runs.

If you want a bit of a primer for the show as a whole, our own Wes Iliff got the opportunity to interview RPG Limit Break cofounder puwexil ahead of last year’s event.

It’s OK to ask for help. For more information on how NAMI can assist you, visit its official website for mental health resources and community help in your area.

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Claton Stevenson

Claton Stevenson

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