Brian Ingemanson

Former Audio Engineer

Brian Ingemanson

One of the hardest working behind-the-scenes people at RPGFan, Brian quietly edited as much as half of our monthly podcast content. So when you listen to a well-edited episode of our podcasts, there's a good chance it's thanks to Brian. Beyond RPGs and the site, Brian is a musician who writes and records his own music; he plays sax and guitar.

Favourite Games/Series

Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Lunar 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid series, Elder Scrolls series, Deus Ex series (yes, even Invisible War), Resident Evil series, Dishonored

Favourite Genres

Stealth games, RPGs, FPSs, character action games, rhythm games

Misc Interests

Playing music, baseball and basketball

Time at RPGFan

May 2016–August 2021