Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Memoria: Our Favorite Final Fantasy Memories and Moments – Final Fantasy XIII

Memoria Our Favorite Final Fantasy Moments and Memories
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning 30th Anniversary Artwork by DiceSMS

Final Fantasy XIII: Blinded By Lightning

by Peter Triezenberg

Final Fantasy XIII is a difficult game to defend. It’s got serious problems, born from its tumultuous development and a lack of oversight from the developers. Yet, it’s also the first game I played on a newly opened PlayStation 3 back in 2010, so I’d be hard pressed to say I don’t have anything positive to say about it.

The presentation is out of this world, for one thing. FFXIII might be, from a purely aesthetic perspective, one of the most beautiful video games ever crafted. Its vision of a sci-fi utopia is lush, vivid, and filled with wonder and beauty… even if you rarely get to experience any of that outside of cutscenes. It truly is a shame, because Cocoon could have been a phenomenal world to explore: there’s certainly enough detailed lore to fill the place with, as just about every aspect of XIII‘s setting is meticulously detailed within its Datalog. Also, Masashi Hamauzu’s soundtrack? One of the series’ best. Fight me.

I also quite like the Paradigm combat system, even if Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s rendition ironed out the kinks and made combat encounters feel less same-y. The story also has a lot of ambition, even if it’s largely poorly told: I really enjoy the concept of Fal’Cie and L’Cie, as humans granted special powers and a task to complete at the behest of mechanical overlords is a clever sci-fi twist on the classic Warrior of Light trope the series is known for. Square Enix’s “New Crystal Legend” may not have taken off quite the way they had envisioned, but XIII is more of a curious stumbling block than a failure in every respect.

The artwork in our Memoria feature is thanks to the tireless efforts of Stephanie Sybydlo, who is both our hard-working social media editor and an immensely talented artist. See more of Stephanie’s work on her Tumblr, follow her on Twitter, and hire her for your next project. Do it!

Peter Triezenberg

Peter Triezenberg

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