Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Memoria: Our Favorite Final Fantasy Memories & Moments

Memoria Our Favorite Final Fantasy Moments and Memories

Our entire Fabula Nova Anniversaris feature is filled with content: In-depth examinations of characters, recurring themes, and more. But the heart of it all is here, in Memoria.

We posed a simple question to the staff: To share a short memory of one or more Final Fantasy games, with the intent of having one to three short stories for each mainline (numbered) title. With no hard guidelines, editors were free to share what they pleased. As we roll out each chapter in Memoria, you’ll find a variety of stories: some serious, some amusing, and most of all, personal. This isn’t a critical examination of every game, but rather a place to reflect on some of our most memorable tales we’ve had during Final Fantasy‘s 30 year history.

Accenting each piece is an original piece of artwork by our resident social media maven and artist Stephanie Sybydlo, whose gorgeous artwork serves to commemorate each release featured here.

Browse each section of Memoria below, and keep checking back throughout 2017 as we continue to add more entries!

The artwork in our Memoria feature is thanks to the tireless efforts of Stephanie Sybydlo, who is both our hard-working social media editor and an immensely talented artist. See more of Stephanie’s work on her Tumblr, follow her on Twitter, and hire her for your next project. Do it!

Mike Salbato

Mike Salbato

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