Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is an upgraded re-release of 2011’s Final Fantasy Type-0. The original release landed on PSP, and never left Japan. Type-0 HD marked the long-awaited localization of this coveted title that was once to be titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII. While for some, Type-0‘s arrival on Western shores couldn’t compete with the type that built up over time, but it was still mostly well-received and is still notable for the fact that Square Enix finally released the title outside of Japan.

(And no, that’s not the same as the Japan-only mobile title Final Fantasy Agito.)

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Andrew Barker Sony PlayStation 4
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Stephen Meyerink Sony PlayStation 4
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Stephen Meyerink Microsoft Windows

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Original Soundtrack David Tesnovich March 25, 2015