Tales of Crestoria


Mixing the crossover elements of previous Tales of mobile games with the story of a bigger-budget title, Tales of Crestoria stands out in the mobile gacha crowd. When Kanata Hjuger protects a close friend, he is marked with a Stain of Guilt and is judged by society for committing a crime.

The game is packed full of features, such as Raids to take part in, Guilds to join, and multiple events to gain unique characters and accessories. Combat is turn-based, unlike other games in the series, but it relies heavily on exploiting your party’s turn order to enable you to maximize the amount of damage to. The story is also being updated gradually to ensure players will keep returning to this surprisingly-mature story about justice, and how society decides what is a crime and what isn’t.

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Tales of Crestoria Alana Hagues Android