Tales of Destiny 2


The first direct sequel in the Tales of series, this entry follows on 18 years from Tales of Destiny, with the son of protagonists Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea taking center stage. More series staples were introduced here, such as Grade to help with returning playthroughs, and auto-zoom in battle to ensure those flashy fights aren’t too hectic. Sadly, this game has never seen an English release.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Tales of Destiny 2 WooJin Lee Sony PlayStation 2

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Tales of Destiny2 Original Soundtrack Patrick Gann December 18, 2002
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann August 27, 2008
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann September 24, 2008
The Best of Tales Dennis Rubinshteyn July 4, 2007