Tales of Destiny


Tales of Destiny is the game that marked the Tales of series’ debut in the West. Building on Tales of Phantasia‘s Linear Motion Battle System, this game gives players more characters and styles to play with in battle. This is where the series began to find it’s feet and carved out an identify for itself in the growing action RPG genre.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Tales of Destiny Esque Sony PlayStation
Tales of Destiny Ken Chu Sony PlayStation
Tales of Destiny Neal Chandran Sony PlayStation

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
DEEN – To Be a Dream Dennis Rubinshteyn December 17, 1997
Soundtrack Tales of Destiny Patrick Gann March 11, 2000
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann August 27, 2008
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks 2 Neal Chandran November 16, 2011
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann September 24, 2008
The Best of Tales Dennis Rubinshteyn July 4, 2007