Tales of Rebirth


The second game in the series to never leave Japan, Tales of Rebirth follows Veigue Lungberg as he journeys to rescue his friend Claire Bennett, who is captured after being deemed the most beautiful Huma (human) woman in the land. Returning to the series’ 2D roots, battles are set on three separate planes which you must swap between and use to your advantage to achieve victory.

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Every Little Thing – Love Letter / good night Dennis Rubinshteyn December 15, 2004
Tales of Rebirth Original Soundtrack Patrick Gann January 26, 2005
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann August 27, 2008
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann September 24, 2008
The Best of Tales Dennis Rubinshteyn July 4, 2007