The Granstream Saga


The final part of the Quintet Quadrilogy that began with Soul Blazer, The Granstream Saga is a fully 3D dungeon explorer. Gameplay proceeds largely from an overhead view, shifting to isometric for combat and story sequences. Players control Eon, a young man on a quest to restore the mechanisms that allow his home continent (and those adjacent) to hover above the ocean. Combat is completely one-on-one and action-oriented, with Eon able to perform a variety of attacks that are augmented by his equipped weapon.

An early fully 3D RPG, The Granstream Saga also features plentiful animated cutscenes by Production I.G., a large number of voiced sequences, and dungeon exploration which hearkens back to its predecessor, Illusion of Gaia.

Game Reviews

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The Granstream Saga Esque Sony PlayStation

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The Granstream Saga Original Soundtrack Patrick Gann January 21, 1998