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Rhythm Encounter 91 – At Least the Music is Great

Rhythm Encounter 091 At Least the Music is Great

On Rhythm Encounter, we enjoy discussing games and music we love, but sometimes excellent RPG music comes from unlikely places. Our panelists’ challenge this time around was to find games that generally don’t make it to any “best of” lists, whether based on our personal preferences or a wider critical or player consensus. But just because a game was — or should be, in some cases — overlooked doesn’t mean the music isn’t worthwhile! So join us as we talk about RPGs where the music is perhaps the most redeeming part of the overall package.

Also, because we forgot to answer the “repeat appearance” title mentioned during the intro, the answer is Shadow Hearts: From the New World!

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Hilary Andreff, Michael Sollosi, Peter Triezenberg; Edited by Jono Logan

Links for this episode


0:08:43 – Atland (ZOOM Sound Team) – Lagoon OST 
0:11:08 – Fight Tune “Girl Named Shelke” (Masashi Hamauzu) – Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII OST
0:36:36 – Battle Theme I (Masashi Hamauzu) – UNLIMITED:SaGa OST
0:38:42 – Second Armageddon (Hirokazu Ando) – Arcana OST
0:57:10 – Wonder of Electron (Yoko Shimomura) – Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
0:59:12 – Cipher Peon Battle (Tsukasa Tawada) – Pokémon Colosseum OST
1:19:56 – Altar of the Barrier (Miyoko Kobayashi) – The Granstream Saga OST
1:22:17 – Adios (Yoshitaka Hirota) – Shadow Hearts: From the New World OST
1:45:41 – Hilary’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Several games in this episode either never had soundtracks released, or are since out of print, which is why our links below are a bit light this time around!

Arcana Original Soundtrack

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack

The Granstream Saga Original Soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack


Pokémon Colosseum Original Soundtrack

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtracks

UNLIMITED:SaGa Original Soundtrack

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