Falcom Perfect Sound Catalog II


Review by · August 27, 2000

Basically, Falcom Perfect Sound Catalogs do exactly what the RPGFan Soundtracks section does, just specifically with Falcom music. It samples tracks, giving about 1 minute clips of various songs, letting you be the judge of what sounds good and what doesn’t. From there, one may purchase those CDs.

Seeing as the Falcom Perfect Sound Catalogs were printed in ’92, the now EXTREMELY-RARE CDs listed on here were easy-to-find back then. The insert-manual that comes with the PSC has a shopping guide of each and every CD that has music taken from it on here, and then covers the early Special Boxes in the back.

Falcom PSC2 features great music from Wanderers From Ys Perfect Collection, PrePrimer II, Sorcerian Perfect Collections 1-3, Falcom Vocal Collections 1-2, and some other rare soundtracks from Falcom.

The first 2 Falcom soundtracks I heard were the PSCs, and they really do a good job in showing you how good Falcom music can be. The Falcom PSCs cannot be found to order anywhere anymore, but they are quite common on eBay and they usually sell for a low price since they are simply a collection of samples from rare soundtracks, and not a rare soundtrack on its own by any means.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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