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Review by · January 11, 2000

This CD is the first of two “vocal” soundtracks that Square released for Final Fantasy’s 1-6. Basically, tracks are taken from the first 6 FFs and arranged for vocals. This soundtrack is simply incredible. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you hear your favorite songs SUNG…But it’s generally a good feeling. These songs vary in language, as they contain Japanese, English, French, and even Portuguese. If I were to choose a favorite track (and I have) it’s DEFINITELY Track 05, “Into the Light”, sung in Japanese. I’ve always preferred the FF4 music in the first place though…So I guess that’s biased. Another incredibly well-written track is Track 09 “Once You Meet Her”. For those of you who never played FF3 NES (and most of you probably haven’t), Eria is a girl you find in a desolate waterworld (or so it seems when you get there). She sacrifices herself in the end to save the water crystal, and though her character may have been minor, her theme song is one that’s hard to forget. The lyrics to the song (in English), describe that of an irresistible girl of whom you should definitely meet. This is just ONE example of the many great songs.

However, some songs have lyrics that totally make no sense when compared to what’s going on. An example of this is Track 08, Au Palais De Verre (Into the Glass Palace). Based on the theme of FF1’s “Matoya’s Cave”, this French song translates to a love story between a prince and a princess, and it also says something about a horseman taken prisoner. HUH?!? Exactly. However, if you don’t know French, the track remains enjoyable. Summarizing, I think this CD has to be one of the most ORIGINAL CDs Square’s ever thought up. I suggest it for purchase, mainly because it’s almost gone. Some places are considering it hard-to-find and thus won’t even special order it for you. I bought mine from Anime Nation, simply for the fact that they’re willing to trace down CDs that are sometimes hard to find. So go out and buy it. These audio samples should provide a good enough incentive to buy!!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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