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Note: “dimention” is spelled this way in the packaging, and is a typo of the publishers, not us. This typo is fixed in the “Never7 Sound Collection” released three years later.
Who here is a fan of Kid’s Infinity series of digital novels besides me? Well, series fans are most aware of the “numerical” titles of the games Never 7, Ever 17, and Remember 11. However, before Never 7 was released in its most recognizable form on the Dreamcast, it was a PS One game simply called “Infinity.” I do not know the full extent of the differences between the games; I conjecture that the Dreamcast version may have had some added content.

The soundtracks are essentially the same except for a few things: One difference is that the Infinity soundtrack features a handful of drama tracks not present in the Never 7 soundtrack; in contrast, there are a few music tracks on the Never 7 soundtrack that aren’t on the Infinity soundtrack. The other difference is that the Infinity soundtrack features a completely different opening theme than Never 7. After A/B-ing both of these opening themes, I personally like the Infinity opening song much better than Never 7’s.

Listen to the samples of the opening theme and one of the drama tracks to see whether or not they’re worth the price of admission for you to track this one down.

Note that as of the time this review was written, both “infinity” and the “Never7 Sound Collection” were available at It is reasonable to believe that among the two, the first to become obscure is this one. So for you completionists, now may be the best time to pick up the soundtrack to the game that started off Kid’s Infinity series.

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Neal Chandran

Neal Chandran

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