Sakura Taisen 2 ~You Shall Not Die~ Steam Gramophone


Review by · September 10, 2002

Second soundtrack of the series, Sakura Taisen 2 Steam Gramophone is in various ways an improvement over the first one. The character themes are there, and the way the music is spread on the two CDs is much better than that of the first soundtrack. Moreover, this soundtrack includes all three game size opening songs (Sakura, Sumire and Maria versions).

In terms of quality, the composition lives up to the standard of the series, and even surpasses it for some themes. The new version of the opening song is even more upbeat and catchy, and the themes are still beautifully executed, and with this exquisite Japanese feel to them. The dramatic themes and battle themes are memorable as always, and the more casual themes are pleasant as well. Like the first soundtrack, this CD offers a good variety of styles.

Overall, this CD is another great achievement and a CD that can be enjoyed even by non-fans of the series, oriental style music lovers especially. A good investment considering the quality of the music and the number of tracks for the relatively low price (3000 yen). Note that the first print of this CD comes with a set of stickers.

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Eve C.

Eve C.

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