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Masayoshi Soken Interviews Nobuo Uematsu on Modulation, His First LP

Uematsu and Soken Modulation Interview Screenshot

The Square Enix Music YouTube channel uploaded Masayoshi Soken’s one-on-one interview with Nobuo Uematsu on the latter’s upcoming LP titled Modulation Final Fantasy Arrangement Album. The ten well-chosen tracks by Uematsu-san from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy X can be found in our previous coverage.

Watch the two legendary composers come together in this humble interview below and listen to some previews of the tracks (in the background):

Uematsu, known for his music for the FF series, Chrono Triggerand more explained why his first LP is titled Modulation. He mentioned that he worked alone on the album and had all the freedom to make track selections. Because of this, the melody of the album seems to be entirely new, hinting at a “true Uematsu sound”. He mentioned that the new arrangements of his famous tracks such as “Terra’s Theme”, “Eternal Wind”, and “Bran Bal, the Soulless Village” are going to sound like they are best suited for live performances since he didn’t originally intend to put together an album.

Personally, as someone who grew up listening to Uematsu’s music, I’m looking forward to Modulation‘s upcoming release. Simply listening to his compositions makes you wholly immersed in the game; it even leaves a mark after playing.

Modulation – Final Fantasy Arrangement Album is releasing sometime in November for $55 USD. For more info, visit the official website. Stay tuned to RPGFan for the latest on anything Final Fantasy.

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