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Triangle Strategy Ver. 1.1.0 Adds Extra Chapter Epilogue

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It’s been quite a while since Triangle Strategy got released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam now. Despite that, publisher Square Enix and developer Artdink have recently released a new update for it! Version 1.1.0 is now available for players and adds something surprisingly quite substantial, including what appears to be an epilogue of sorts known as “Extra Chapter” that takes place after Serenoa’s route.

Additionally, the patch also adds a character Story Replay feature as well as a Story battle replay feature that lets you go back freely to see these story events as you like.

Here’s the full patch notes for the Switch version of Triangle Strategy via Nintendo:

  • Added a Character Story replay feature
  • Added a Story Battle replay feature
  • Added Extra Chapter events
    • Note: You must have completed Serenoa’s route in the main story to play the extra chapters.
  • Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.

There is an update page for the Steam version specifically too.

It’s always great to see free updates for games that have already been out for a while, especially unexpected story updates! I have yet to play Triangle Strategy myself (as usual, because of my ever-growing backlog), but I know a couple of people who have and enjoyed it immensely!

It seems that our staff also generally enjoyed it! If you’re on the fence about trying Triangle Strategy, we have two reviews by Niki Fakhoori and Bob Richardson for the Switch and Steam versions respectively. We even have a music review for the game’s official soundtrack up by Patrick Gann! The game was also our Strategy RPG of the Year in 2022 and on many Editor’s Picks for the year as well!

For those new to the game there’s a demo up for the Switch version that you can transfer progress to the full game from if you so choose to purchase it! It’s worth noting that the game also sold over a million copies, which is great for a niche RPG like this!

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